“Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business,” Written by Leadership Experts Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias, Now Available on Amazon.com

The duo has helped thousands of businesses worldwide achieve outstanding results, and together have authored a book to help leaders learn how to outperform competition through good times and bad. “Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business” is now available in a hard copy edition on Amazon.com.

(PRWEB) October 02, 2014

Global leadership experts Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias have co-written a book that is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. Focused on helping CEOs and company leaders achieve excellence for their organizations, “Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business” provides strategies, exercises, and insights that can be applied in the workplace.

The book follows the narrative of John, a CEO of a mid-size profitable business that is struggling with stagnancy – a situation many executives today can identify with. Authors Abraham and Dias show that in order to change the destiny of his company, he must first examine and revamp his own leadership mindset. “Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business” unveils the same strategic process toolkit the authors have used to coach countless executive teams to success, applying it to John’s situation so that readers are able to understand practical implications. The light, easy-to-read business fable is perfect for any senior executive losing sleep over poor business performance, and is filled with illustrations, charts, and graphics to effectively demonstrate key concepts.

“Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business” gets to the heart of the CEO’s dilemma, recognizing the hesitance many executives feel when faced with the uncertainty that is inherent in today’s turbulent world. Rather than risk making a wrong move, they opt to settle for their mediocre “status quo.” But while they are paralyzed, their business is being increasingly disrupted by new technologies, new customer needs, new competitors, and more. So what seems like the “safe” option is actually the highest-risk option, because the only certainty is that change is fast and continuous. The better solution is to face up to the reality of continuous change, and develop the strategic agility to adapt and profit from that change.

As the title suggests, Abraham and Dias help John find a “motherlode” of untapped opportunities and hidden sources of profit, creating a legacy of wealth that can be sustained through times of prosperity and hardship alike. To make the rich content of the book easy to follow, it includes the following four sections:

1.    The Challenge: The reader is introduced to John and his current situation. This section discusses the underlying reasons for John’s anxiety as a CEO, and explains the steep costs of mediocrity and missed opportunities.

2.    The Updated Paradigm: The reader learns how times have changed, and that leaders need to adapt in smart and efficient ways to stay abreast in their respective industries. This section examines the CEO’s duties and opportunities to incite positive change in a step-by-step format.

3.    The Secret Map: This section is dedicated to helping the reader look inward and truly understand his or her mindset as a leader. Along with revealing keys to personal leadership growth, The Secret Map walks through necessary skill sets and critical strategies required to grow an organization regardless of economic circumstance.

4.    The Uniqueness: The book concludes with a section focused on what it takes to initiate an organizational breakthrough. This includes key toolkits to help leaders put their intellectual power to practical use for the benefit of their companies.

Each section of the book also includes personal perspectives from both Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias, discussing how these tips and strategies translate to a real-world business setting. “Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business” is a one-of-a-kind resource to help company leaders worldwide learn how to overcome stagnancy and reach their fullest potential.

To purchase the hard-copy edition, please visit Amazon.com. For questions or more information, please contact Carlos Dias at carlos(at)carlosdias(dot)com.

About Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is founder and CEO of Abraham Group, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, as well as co-author of Creative Leadership for Turbulent Times and Wealth Creator System. With decades of experience under his belt, he has significantly increased the bottom lines of thousands of clients spanning hundreds of industries worldwide. As an industry leader, Abraham has a distinct authority in business performance enhancement, as well as uncovering and maximizing business assets. His work has led him to be featured in publications including USA Today, New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and more.

About Carlos Dias

Carlos Dias is a former multinational CEO, successful entrepreneur, multicultural business consultant, speaker, author, coach, and mentor. He has harnessed his global leadership expertise to co-author Creative Leadership for Turbulent Times and Wealth Creator System in an effort to help businesses worldwide achieve their greatest potential. Dias has trained thousands of executives to become more profitable through strategic and innovative concepts he has developed over the years.

For more information on Jay Abraham, Carlos Dias, and their comprehensive array of tools and services, please visit http://www.creativeleadershipforturbulenttimes.com.

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